When Kevin Durant made the decision to join the 73 win, nearly two-time defending champion Golden State Warriors team on July 1st of last year, many questioned the move from a personal standpoint… none questioned it from a pure basketball standpoint.


The move made people question his true competitiveness as a superstar player in a league where he had already made it to the promised land in 2012 and most argue should have made it back last season after blowing a 3-1 to the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals.


What people didn’t question was what it would mean from a basketball point of view… and this is perhaps why KD made the move in the first place.


When arguably the second best player in the game joins an already historic team, you would assume that more history is to be made. This 2017 NBA Finals is the potential history that was assumed to take to take place, but now that’s it’s actual here and happening in front of our eyes, we are still in disbelief.


All year, the regular and even most of the playoffs were regarded as an afterthought to set up this epic rubber match between the two clear best teams in the game. We thought this series between the Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers was going to be among the greatest we have ever seen, even trumping last year’s epic battle that went seven games.


But to be honest, that prediction, looking back for many, was purely heart over head.



As referenced earlier, when you add the second best player in the game (arguably one of the greatest scorers we have ever seen) to a team who was already historic in its own right, why would we ever think that the Cavs had a chance in this series?


Looking back, had it possibly not been for a Draymond Green suspension in Game 5, the Warriors could have very easily won last years Finals in five games and not have even gone out to recruit KD in the first place.


So for last year to play out the way it did, welcoming the addition of Durant to the Bay Area, there wasn’t much of a case to be made for the Cavs to have a legitimate shot to win this series.


For this years Finals itself, whether or not you ultimately agreed with the decision to join the Warriors, you clearly see why he did it.


The Warriors are looking like the greatest basketball team ever assembled and in my estimation, they would beat the ‘96 Chicago Bulls in a seven game series.


The fluidity with which they are playing the game with four potential hall of famers in one starting lineup who all have a clear depiction of their roles would be a scary and daunting sight for any team in the history of the game.


Add to this fact that each of these players are extremely unselfish in regards to their talent level and you have a recipe for success that is a sure fire hit for years to come being that they are all 28 and under.


All of this compacted with the fact that this is a team that was built from the ground up through the draft and the biggest addition in NBA history due to this culture that has been organically established is the reason why they are up 3-0 in this series and on the brink of becoming the first team in the sport to finish the playoffs undefeated and the first team in each of the four major pro sports to win 16 consecutive games in the postseason.


So Game Four means everything to the Warriors because upon completing the night with a victory, they not only silence all of the haters but they also demolish history in the same breath. With a sweep of the Cavs and through the playoffs, they become the most dominant team that we have ever seen.


This is why Durant joined this team in the first place, isn’t it?


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