With a little less than two months away from the 2014 FIFA World Cup opening day, there are still concerns about Brazil’s readiness for the tournament. With three deaths at the Sao Paulo stadium and missed construction deadlines in most stadiums, the process of construction has been slow and not without its problems.


At a press conference in April, FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke stated that preparations for the games are not totally ready, with many of the main stadiums still under construction.


There has also been controversy over the funding for the Cup. Back in 2007, Former President of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva, promised that most of the funds would come from private companies; however, it is now known that most of the financial backing has come from public funds. The fund controversy is expected to bring about street protests during the games, but with 150,000 armed and special forces available, Brazil promises that the games are going to be safe and the protests controlled.


Set to start Thursday, June 12, it appears that Brazil is not yet ready for the amount of people expected to be in country during the cup. Along with the airports not being able to handle the crowds of people traveling in, there are also concerns about the public transportation systems not being sufficient.


This, of course, may sound like a familiar situation. The meager lodging conditions became a central topic of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games.


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All these issues surrounding the host country for the World Cup, reflects poorly on both Brazil and the FIFA organization. Hopefully, Brazil will finish construction and preparations in time for the games. It will be interesting to see how the World Cup will affect the people of Brazil as well as visitors to the country. Will this turn out to be an embarrassment for Brazil, or will they come out on top?


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