Sidney Lowe is widely regarded as one of the best assistant coaches in the NBA, but on Thursday night, he definitely assisted in the absolute wrong way.


Lowe, a former head coach at North Carolina State, is highly regarded and respected around the league for his knowledge of the game, especially on the defensive side of things. As an assistant coach, he is the perfect aid to Scott Brooks because of his background as a head coach.


Usually assistant coaches like Lowe remain on the bench most of the game, maybe barking out defensive or offensive sets, communicating with the players on the floor, really being an extra set of eyes for them. On Thursday, Lowe over stepped his boundaries, not only as a coach, but just as a professional.


(NY Daily News)

Now, many things are said on an NBA floor in order to derail opposing players from performing at their best. Hands in the face while shooting, elbows in the back while being backed down, even the occasional yell from the bench towards someone about to shoot.


Those are the players that do that, though.


On Thursday versus the New York Knicks, Lowe overstepped those boundaries as a coach.


With less than 10 seconds remaining in the game, Carmelo Anthony drove the lane and kicked it out to a wide open Courtney Lee in the corner. Upon receiving the ball, Lee claimed that Sidney Lowe stood up and yelled defensive assignments right in his ear which made him pass up the wide open look. Lowe was actually on the floor right next to Lee as he received the ball, so Lee’s argument is very valid.


Not only should he have been on the bench, but because he was on the floor during play, the Wizards should have been accessed a technical foul which means that the Knicks would have gotten a free throw and the ball back regardless of how much times was left.


The Knicks would lose the game on that play because Lee decided to pass the wide open shot rather than shoot it.



What you have to think about in this situation is the fact that even though Lowe’s yelling seems harmless on the surface, when you’re in the heat of the game, especially down to the final seconds, you have so much going through your mind that any lapse in focus can mean doom for your team.


It’s one thing for players to get up and try to hassle and distract other players, but for a coach to do that is unprofessional.


That passed up wide open shot could be the difference between a potential playoff spot for a team who is struggling to stay above water right now. Courtney Lee is a good three point shooter and had he taken that shot, there was a great possibly it would have went in. Instead, he passed it up, having a slight lapse in concentration and the Knicks lost the game.


After the game, Lowe was fined only $5,000, and the team was fined $15,000. A slight penalty for a win in the end.

I believe that the fine should have been harsher for Lowe do to the fact that he is a coach. $5,000 is a price most teams will pay to get a key win.


Not much damage was done with that fine. The Knicks still lose in the end.


Do you think Lowe’s actions warranted a harsher penalty? Let’s talk about it here or find me on Twitter @Phenombc3