During the regular season, the Boston Celtics and Washington Wizards played a series of four physical, emotional and highly intense games that prompted them to call it anything but a rivalry.


Despite these claims of a “non-rivalry,” each team would anticipate their next matchup with the Wizards even going as far as to wear all black before a matchup this season to resemble their mindset of making the game a funeral for the Boston.


Even then, each team downplayed the rivalry claims, but little did they know that they would be on a collision course to meet in the playoffs.


Currently, their second-round playoff series is tied 2-2 with each team winning both their home games so far. This has been the most exciting series of the playoffs to this point, continuing the intensity of their regular season matchups and bringing them to another level.


The first two games, the Wizards got off to leads on the road, but the Celtics, fueled by their home crowd and the stellar play of Isiah Thomas, came back in each game to take the victory. Thomas’ standout performance came in Game 2 when he dropped a 50 point game on the Wizards including 14 in the fourth to seal the deal for the Celtics.


Coming back to Washington and down 2-0, the Wizards needed to use their home crowd as fuel to get back and that’s what they did.


Washington began to assert some dominance at home by taking their physicality to another level and imposing their will on the Celtics.


The Wizards, fueled by the play of their star point guard John Wall, have had multiple 20-0 runs in the last two games where they have ran all over Boston offensively and defensively.


In Game 4, Wall had his breakout game, scoring 27 points, dishing out 12 assists and running the show to perfection for the Wizards, leading them to a 121-102 victory notching the series up at 2.


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This series has had its share of blow ups and scuffles, most notably with the Wizards’ rookie Kelly Oubre Jr charging Celtics forward Kelly Olynyk and pushing him down. This caused each player to be held back and resulted in Oubre being ejected and possibly being suspended for today’s game 5.


So much for not being a rivalry. Not only has this become a rivalry, but it also has become the most watchable series of the playoffs.


We’ll see what game 5 has to offer.


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