There is much excitement and anticipation over the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil this summer. People are planning parties, gearing up to travel, and are ready to cheer on their favorite team. With all the fun events to look forward to, it is very easy to overlook the politics behind the World Cup and the people that suffer because of it.


The World Cup requires the construction of stadiums, new highways and roads, and preparations throughout the country to be ready for the tournament and the influx of tourists. The construction of these projects, however, requires the displacement of thousands of people. Many favelas, or slums, where the poorest of Brazilians work and live, are being demolished in order to build for the World Cup.


Although the government is giving displaced families a compensation package of $22,000, many are saying it is not enough for people to live with the price of living in Brazil becoming more expensive. The Brazilian government claims the displacements are not a result of the World Cup preparations, and were set to be underway regardless of the event.


Those planning on vending outside of the stadium to make more money are not allowed to do so; restrictions banning unauthorized vendors to sell within two kilometers of events have been set in place. The tournament hurts small business owners and mobile vendors, leaving them unable to sell near events when they need it most. Claims made that hosting the World Cup would be most beneficial for the poorest of Brazilian citizens does not seem to be true.


With thousands of people being displaced from their homes and villages, the question remains: where will they go? How will the government deal with the forced evictions after the tournament? We can only hope that the attention being given to these issues will improve the living situations of the poorest citizens of Brazil. Hopefully, the money made as a result of the tournament will go toward improving the lives of those displaced by the Cup.


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