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New collaborations on hold as Adele shortens studio meetings with Pharrell

Celebrity collaborations are much appreciated within the music community. Which is why when word leaks about secret studio meetings, the media covers the story diligently.  Recently, stories of Pharrell Williams and Adele meeting together generated a ton of excitement among fans of both artists.  Unfortunately, Pharrell was unable to spend time with the “Chasing Pavements”… Read More

Why J Law, Adele, and Mindy Kaling Have Us All Loving Ourselves a Little Bit More

Societal pressures for ideal beauty have always been an insistent presence in our culture. Women have always been expected to act and speak according to what men, or overarching culture at the time, deems as “desirable.” Although it would be nice to say that we are unaffected and completely confident in our bodies 100 percent… Read More