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If Not a Crime, It Should Be: NRA Uses Gif of Leslie Knope, Much to Amy Poehler’s Dismay

an image of the cast of parks and recreation featuring Leslie Knope

During a town hall meeting last week hosted by CNN anchor Jake Tapper which featured Florida Senator Marco Rubio and NRA Spokeswoman Dana Loesch, survivors and family members of victims of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting discussed impacts of weapons that the NRA so proudly flaunts.   The town hall was tense and deeply… Read More

Biggest athlete endorsement deals in history

In today’s world, athletes are paid for more than their abilities on the playing field.   With the popularity of sports growing at amazing rates, companies are looking at athletes as huge moneymakers for their respective business entities. They figure, since the fans and viewers will pay to watch their favorite athletes while they’re performing,… Read More

Paula Schneider steps down as CEO of American Apparel

In 2014, founder and first CEO of American Apparel, Dov Charney, was ousted from his position following allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct. The company had experienced a very rough patch leading up Charney’s departure; its hypersexualized advertisements combined with reports of harassment directed towards young women employed at countless American Apparel locations rightfully garnered… Read More

The industry built around Facebook: The value of your personal data

Facebook thumbs up graphic image

This past April, Facebook Inc. implemented a policy which limits the data it makes available to commercial and non-commercial third party users. The new policy helps to protect Facebook users’ privacy but has had a significant impact on the industry which has sprung up around the social media platform’s data flow.   Most of the… Read More

New Jersey court upholds Borgata’s weight discrimination policy

A New Jersey appeals court ruled on Thursday that the Borgata casino can legally enforce their personal appearance standards by firing employees that gain or lose more than seven percent of their body weight.      The lawsuit was brought up against the casino in 2013 by 21 Borgata servers that claimed they were working in… Read More

FTC cracks down on deceptive advertising after Machinima scandal

Machinima start screen

The video game content streaming company Machinima has agreed to settle on the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) charges that they engaged in acts of “deceptive advertising” for Microsoft.      In 2014, the media streaming company was accused of taking money from Microsoft to help with a marketing campaign to promote the Xbox One. It was… Read More

How much does the music in commercials matter?

A pair of headphones sitting on top of a piano.

Last week, Amazon Prime released a promotional video listing all their offered features. Loyal users are presumably aware of all that this one-click shopper enabling site has to offer, so why the creation of a new advertisement?   The commercial displays strong elements, both visually and musically. It is designed, choreographed, and styled much like… Read More

H&M misspells word on shirt, shows why brands should sweat the small stuff

H&M store entry with brand logo

“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” …and apparently so is “genious.”   This is according to H&M, who recently made the awkward mistake of misspelling the word genius on a men’s t-shirt that featured the aforementioned famous words of Thomas Edison.   While online archives show that the shirt was being sold… Read More

May the 4th be with you: 9 brands that geeked out on Star Wars day

Brands geek out for Star Wars Day. May the 4th Be With You

Brand PR teams around the United States discovered Monday just how important pop culture is to their marketing communications. Earlier this week, on Monday, May 4 to be exact, mobile and social audiences around the globe took to twitter, facebook, instagram and pinterest, to share status updates with the phrase “May the 4th be with… Read More