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5 things you may not know about Africa

A group of children dressed in colorful clothing standing near each other

Last year’s Ebola outbreak provided media outlets an opportunity to report on Africa in a fair and considerate way. Unfortunately, the media did not seize this opportunity and instead distorted Africa’s image.   To work against such misunderstandings requires taking small steps. The list below entails some facts about five African countries, which are included in… Read More

5 facts you should know about Africa

Inaccurate sketch of the world with Africa enlarged and North America incredibly skinny.

All too often, the African continent is painted as an exotic, tribal land with underdeveloped customs and languages. The ignorance that perpetuates such misconceptions overshadows the beautiful truth about Africa. To familiarize yourself with the continent, check out the five facts below:   1. Because Earth is spherical and most maps are two-dimensional, cartographers are… Read More