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Lexxistalking Entertainment Premieres The Dance Movie Project in New York City July 23

The Dance Movie Project Premieres in NYC on July 23

Lexxistalking Entertainment proudly announces the New York City premiere of “TDMP: The Dance Movie Project” Original Motion Picture, will premiere at the Helen Mills Theater located at 137 West 26 street, Chelsea, NYC, at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 23. Reserve your seat for the  premiere on Eventbrite via tdmpthemovie.eventbrite.com.   Directed by Idahosa Osagie… Read More

5 business lessons we learned from Power Women 232 in Sierra Leone

Power Women in Africa, Power Women 232

There are networks and then there are NETWORKS. We believe there are levels to everything and well let’s just say Power Women 232 network is serving up some of the leading women in business in Sierra Leone. This powerful network has successfully positioned itself as the entry point and connector to the movers and shakers… Read More

“Arts of the Monsoon”: Revealing links between East Africa and Oman

“Arts of the Monsoon” is a 58-minute documentary commissioned by the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art in Washington, DC. It’s part of the museum’s ongoing “Connecting the Gems of the Indian Ocean: From Oman to East Africa” project that was launched in 2013 to educate the public about the little known history between East… Read More