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The Afro-Haitian experimental band

In 2010, music legends from Mali and Cuba came together to produce the critically acclaimed AfroCubism. AfroCubism bought Cuban sounds with Mande music in a collaboration that went on to be nominated for a Grammy, while winning other awards. 2016 welcomes another West African and Caribbean musical partnership, the Afro-Haitian Experimental Orchestra.   The Caribbean… Read More

An introduction to African rock and metal music

Most people won’t think of African countries when they think of metal music. Yet the much overlooked genre has many fans across the continent and numbers are growing slowly but steadily. Documentaries like “Terra Pesada,” which looks into the youth of Mozambique’s heavy metal scene, and “Death Metal Angola,” a similar examination into Angolan death… Read More

Meet Alikiba, the Tanzanian musician you need to know

Alikiba has become the first East African to sign a deal with Sony Music Entertainment. He is apparently the international recording label’s second major signing in Africa; last year, Sony signed Nigerian superstar Davido to much excitement, as well. Alikiba is the stage name of Ali Saleh Kiba, the 29-year-old Tanzanian singer, songwriter, and artist… Read More