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Tactful Tidbits for a Tasteful Tomorrow: A review

Self Help, Personal Growth, Tactful Tidbits For a Tasteful Tomorrow

(92 pages | Available in paperback via Amazon | $14) Tactful Tidbits for a Tasteful Tomorrow started out as a joke among friends.  Cheyney Alexandria Easely Fermin and her friends would trade stories about their own lives, people that they knew, and their opinions on various topics; they would always joke that they should, “put… Read More

Amazon drops Apple, Google products: Who loses more?

The popular e-commerce company Amazon has made the decision to no longer sell Google and Apple streaming media players that aren’t easily compatible with its own streaming service.     According to Amazon, the Google Chromecast and Apple TV video streaming devices have compatibility issues with the company’s media-streaming service, Prime Video. Amazon sent an email… Read More

Amazon’s ‘Prime Day’ sale damages member trust

Amazon shipment boxes on a conveyor belt for processing.

Last Wednesday, Amazon launched their “Prime Day” sale that offered deals to those with Prime memberships, but many customers were left sorely disappointed.   The goal of this sale was to increase subscriptions of the $99 annual Prime loyalty program membership by creating a Cyber Monday-esque event. This sale excited Prime members after Amazon advertised Prime… Read More

Which Brands Pulled the Best April Fools’ Day Pranks?

April fools day picture

April Fools’ Day: A day when brands and individuals alike pull out the stops to prank us gullible and unsuspecting consumers. This year was no exception. Brands like Amazon, Google, Samsung, and Netflix all got in on the action. Not all brands are able to pull off a good April Fools’ prank – some because they can’t,… Read More

Simon Group Partner Talks to MUIPR about the Simon Launch Accelerator

J. Skyler Fernandes Picture

With big ideas but little capital, start-ups need all the help they can get. Simon Venture Group is part of a growing community of venture capitalists investing in the business of the future. As the new venture capital arm of Simon Group, the largest retail real estate property company in the United States, Simon Venture… Read More

Amazon Kindle Voyage Breathes New Life Into e-Reader Technology

Amazon recently added the Kindle Voyage to their line of tablets and e-readers. The e-reader, which starts at $199, is both slimmer and lighter than its predecessor, the Kindle Paperwhite. The Voyage boasts both improved lighting and resolution — in fact, there are almost twice as many pixels in the Voyage in comparison with the… Read More

Corporate Spotlight Series: Amazon

You know you’re hooked on a company when you swear by buying your textbooks from them rather than the campus bookstore. Better yet, when your professor recommends you purchase texts on the syllabus from that virtual company, that’s when you know the business is onto something. That’s the thing about Amazon. The company has grown… Read More

Chasing Hollywood’s Ultimate Working Girl, Maria Menounos

Quite possibly one of the busiest girls in Hollywood, Maria Menounos, proves that one woman can do it all, without needing to put on a facade of effortlessness. An ultimate working girl, the “EXTRA” TV Host demonstrates that becoming our individual best selves as women instead outweighs the possible benefits of reaching a perfection standard.  … Read More