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The Dalai Lama, murder, confessions, and copyrights: The best entertainment stories this week

In the realm of entertainment, there are just too many stories for fans of the industry to keep up. With the era of social media gaining traction with each passing day, it’s easy to peruse through the feeds to read enough headlines to keep up.  Here’s a look into the best news that was reported this… Read More

A recap of the havoc wreaked by Apple Music a week away from its big launch

The Apple logo next to Beats headphones to promote the new partnership

We are only days before the big launch of Apple Music and already the streaming service is under some intense fire.  Below we have provided details about the backlash Apple Music has experienced to date, so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to subscribe to their service.   It was… Read More

Daniel Ek told us how he really felt about Apple Music

The market for competing music streaming sites are becoming more cutthroat every day. Some have been ordered to cease and desist all services, and others have just folded due to unpopularity or lack of followers. The one company that still remains strong, and possibly holds the title as head honcho in the industry, is Spotify.  … Read More