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Women leaders in STEM: Lucianne Walkowicz, astronomer and artist

Last week, we discovered the inspiration behind Lucianne Walkowicz’s interest in astronomy. She shared the details of her journey in the field, from her education to her career. But for Walkowicz, so much of her story is about more than her own passion for astronomy; it’s about sharing that passion with others, and making astronomy… Read More

Style Trend Alert: Shades Of Famous Paintings In Modern Fashion

A new fashion trend is on the horizon: combining famous artwork with modern fashion. Although collaborations between artists and fashion designers is nothing new, this newest trend is a little different: think of classic paintings and famous modern art used as the graphic art on shirts and bags.   A perfect example of this new… Read More

Fashion Photographer Oye Diran Creates Arista Imagery, A Bold Vision Beyond That Of Any Dream

Writer’s Note: This article is the first in a “Standout Entrepreneurs” series that focuses on individuals whose intellectual prowess and successful ventures are making an impact across the industry segments they represent.   Oye Diran is a self-taught photographer in New York City (NYC) who has created quite the name for himself. He began his… Read More