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Shakey Graves is the Next Folk Sensation and a Total Babe

Take note: Alejandro Rose-Garcia, stage name “Shakey Graves,” is the next big indie/folk sensation. In a world of “artificial” folk singers, Shakey Graves is the real deal. He is a native of Austin, Texas, and resembles the raw grit and traditional blues stylings of an old southern folk artist. His slow melodic tunes with intricate… Read More

Fly Art Productions Combine Classic Art and Modern Hip-Hop to Create Hot Trend

What is one way to get the younger generation more familiar with classic pieces of art? One way is by introducing them to Fly Art.   Fly Art, according to their website, “was a project born out of boredom, frustrations, and the internet.” The creators, Gisella and Toni, said Fly Art is the marriage of… Read More

Fashion Photographer Oye Diran Creates Arista Imagery, A Bold Vision Beyond That Of Any Dream

Writer’s Note: This article is the first in a “Standout Entrepreneurs” series that focuses on individuals whose intellectual prowess and successful ventures are making an impact across the industry segments they represent.   Oye Diran is a self-taught photographer in New York City (NYC) who has created quite the name for himself. He began his… Read More