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Women leaders in STEM: Lucianne Walkowicz, astronomer and artist

Last week, Lucianne Walkowicz shared details on the connections she has drawn between astronomy and other parts of her life, like art. Specifically, she discussed how a big part of drawing these connections comes down to building science communication in society. She hopes that using novel methods to making science relatable and approachable to everybody… Read More

Women leaders in STEM: Lucianne Walkowicz, astronomer and artist

Last week, we discovered the inspiration behind Lucianne Walkowicz’s interest in astronomy. She shared the details of her journey in the field, from her education to her career. But for Walkowicz, so much of her story is about more than her own passion for astronomy; it’s about sharing that passion with others, and making astronomy… Read More

Women Leaders in STEM: Lucianne Walkowicz, Astronomer and Artist

For astronomer and artist Lucianne Walkowicz, it’s not hard to pinpoint the moment she knew she wanted to pursue astronomy. “I had been in a high school research program run by the NY Academy of Sciences in the summer between junior and senior years, where I worked in a solid state physics lab,” says Walkowicz.… Read More

A Cosmic Controversy: Evidence Of Gravitational Waves Generates Backlash

Imagine yourself immersed in the prelude to creation.   The universe is not. What “is” is hot, dense, shapeless, formless, void — as close to a traditional concept of “nothing” as can be. Then…   The universe explodes into being.   In that micro-instant at the dawn of creation, in that wondrous, incomprehensible cacophony of newly-found existence,… Read More