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Say hello to the auto industry’s newest comeback kid

Auto makers

U.S. automakers sold 18.7 million cars in September, making it the industry’s best month since July 2005. Each of the “big three” American automaker — General Motors, Ford Motor, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles — saw an increase in sales during the month.   GM saw its sales increase by 12.5 percent in comparison to September… Read More

Google’s self-driving car to hit roads this summer

Google's self-driving car driving down

In recent weeks, the world has been been exposed to technological marvels ranging from industrial desalination to homes that can be powered by personal batteries. Google plans on taking the next step towards creating a popular tech previously only found in science fiction: the self-driving car.   Google has been working in-house on developing the… Read More

Subaru, a Case Study For Car Makers: “Love” Versus Performance

For advertising to achieve its desired effect on the bite-sized attention spans that society has developed, advertisers and companies must pay close attention to the needs of consumers.   Car manufacturer Subaru taps into family values, particularly safety, in their “LOVE” campaign. The tagline that follows each 30 second spot spells out the feeling that… Read More

The 84th Annual Geneva Motor Show

The Geneva Motor Show began in Geneva, Switzerland in 1905 with an impressive 59 brands.  The show has only grown in popularity since its inception. Last year, the showcase featured 840 different brands of cars.   This year, at the Geneva Motor Show’s 84th Annual Event, the focus seems to be on illustrating electric and… Read More

Why Has Tesla’s Stock Grown So Rapidly, And Will it Continue To Rise?

As of today, the stock price for Tesla Motors Inc has increased 623 percent over the past 12 months. This type of increase is unparalleled in the automobile industry in at least 20 years, according to reports. In this year alone, while GM and Ford have both experienced losses, Tesla’s stock has risen by an… Read More