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More African women taking to the skies

What happens when your job application as a flight attendant is rejected?   Sibongile Sambo decided she wouldn’t let a silly thing like failing to meet the minimum height requirement of South African Airways that stop her from pursuing her love of flight, so she started her own aviation company.   She eventually went on… Read More

Sun-powered plane, Solar Impulse, attempts record breaking flight

On Saturday, the Solar Impulse airplane took off on its five day journey powered by the sun and nothing more.   The flight is almost 5,000 miles long, traveling from Nanjing, China, to Hawaii. If it’s successful, this will be the longest flight in history. Only one man will be working the controls for the entirety… Read More

Lost Malaysian Plane Sparks Concern for All

Boeing 777. Thinkstock img.

Malaysia Airlines flight 370’s disappearance has left much of the world asking questions about the legitimacy of the Malaysian government as well as, for many Americans at least, the safety and security of airplanes today.   Information released from investigators has created some conspiracy theories concerning the fate of the passengers on the plane. One prominent… Read More