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The inaccurate assumptions of Asians, according to Barbie

Barbie’s controversial appearance with her absurd proportions and unrealistic image has provoked criticism about the doll’s design in recent years. Not only has the company noticed the public’s discontent, but they are taking innovating actions. Mattel recently announced that they will be releasing a new line of Barbies in 2016. However, the stereotypes don’t seem… Read More

Barbie quits SeaWorld, activists celebrate victory for animal welfare

SeaWorld Barbie and accessories.

SeaWorld Barbie is officially out of a job following an announcement by Mattel that the toy company would not be renewing its contract with the park moving forward.   The doll is sold along with SeaWorld-related merchandise including a toy whale and may still be found on shelves, according to Mattel spokesperson Alex Clark. Mattel’s decision… Read More

Aging brands struggle to remain relevant with the public

News of leadership changes at major brands reflect the changing landscape of American interests. Aging brands are suffering the consequences of a public that’s aging in reverse, and even national institutions whose logos we need only glance at to recognize are being affected.   McDonald’s, the once beloved chain that served as the go-to restaurant for… Read More

Mattel Honors Mom’s Wish, Debuts Barbie

A mother’s love truly knows no bounds. This summer, one mom demonstrated a grand gesture of dedication to her daughter by changing the way big business operates. Mattel, a brand staple embedded in countless childhoods, decided to honor Melissa Bumstead’s wishes for her 4-year-old daughter. Bumstead’s daughter Grace was diagnosed with a rare strand of… Read More