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MUIPR Beauty: 5 Easy Ways To Grow Long, Healthy Natural Hair

  You have finally made the decision to wear your natural kinky hair. Congratulations! If you are like some of us, you probably “big chopped,” which means cutting off almost all your hair to start fresh. One big issue some people have with taking this step is concern about future hair growth. You wonder if… Read More

MUIPR Beauty: Sephora’s Nude Makeup Options For Spring

  We are loving Sephora’s latest nude trend for Spring. Worn by individuals who prefer to go the natural route, nude makeup is the perfect choice for spring fashion trends like bright colors, florals, and bold print. Nudes that complement your features without overpowering your clothing, also help to set off the colors or patterns of your outfits.   Depending… Read More

MUIPR Beauty: Dr. Jackson’s Natural Skin Care Products From Africa

  Dr. Simon Jackson, is a pharmacognosist — a person who studies drugs in their natural state — who launched a natural skin care products company in 2008, after spending 19 years researching natural ingredients from African and Indonesian traditional healers. Jackson’s natural products utilize techniques that closely imitate the way natural ingredients are harvested… Read More