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L’Oreal plans to test products on 3D printed human skin

Outside photo of L'Oreal company.

Since 2013, L’Oreal has steered clear of animal testing worldwide. However, the company’s latest plans for product testing — in partnership with Organovo — will take cosmetics testing where no other company has taken it before: 3D printed human skin.   Until now, L’Oreal has tested its products using specially grown 2D cell cultures. These… Read More

Eating your way to wrinkle-free skin: New anti-aging chocolate is redefining skincare

Who wouldn’t want a legitimate excuse to eat more chocolate? That excuse might be just around the corner, thanks to Lycotec, a UK company turning chocolate into edible skincare.   Esthechoc, which is composed of 70 percent dark chocolate and enriched with ingredients like cocoa polyphenols and a potent algae extract, is the first chocolate of its kind,… Read More

DIY Sugar Scrubs to Show Your Skin Some Love This Winter

With demand for organic beauty products on the rise, it’s not surprising that there has been a burgeoning of companies which have built their brands on the concept of natural skincare and beauty.   Because so many all-natural products boast the same commitment to their lack of harsh chemicals and toxins, one of the most… Read More

The Oil of the Season: The Benefits of Adding Pumpkin Seed Oil to Your Fall Health and Beauty Regimen

While coconut oil has been touted for its wide range of health and beauty benefits for quite a while now, it’s no secret that we are always looking for the next big thing. With many similar benefits to coconut oil in addition to several distinct qualities, it turns out that pumpkin seed oil might be… Read More

The Perfect Body: A Critical Look at the Controversy Surrounding the Latest Victoria’s Secret Campaign

Victoria’s Secret sparked major controversy recently when they launched their new Perfect Body ad campaign, which for many is a blatant demonstration of issues like body shaming in marketing and in the media.   While there are those who are in complete opposition to the campaign, there are also those who have jumped to its… Read More

Fresh Mommy Blog Celebrates Beauty, Confidence at #PROJECTlipstick Event at LUSH Tampa

(Tabitha Blue/FreshMommyBlog)

Candles, chocolates, fresh roses, baked goods, and lots of smiles were the perfect opening to the Fresh Mommy Blog #PROJECTlipstick event at LUSH Tampa last Sunday evening. The excitement was palpable, and women of all ages poured into the shop at International Plaza for a night of fun, pampering, and celebrating beauty. The youngest of… Read More