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I am the night: Ben Affleck rumored to direct “Batman” solo film

Closeup of Batman

To truly understand the character of Batman, one must first endeavor what it truly means to hit a low point in life. That mindset defines The Caped Crusader, but in some small way, also defines the career of the latest actor to don the cowl: Ben Affleck.   Despite existing as a Hollywood institution for… Read More

Classic Movie Monday: Good Will Hunting

This life changing classic from the mid-90’s, directed by Gus Van Sant, is a must-see movie that gets better and better every time you watch it. It is simply a beautifully made film; it is a deep and emotional, yet funny and accessible movie about finding one’s identity and accepting one’s past in order to… Read More

Top 5 Films Directed By Their Stars

Throughout the course of cinema, there have been a few actors that have managed to make the transition to directing. Some choose to move behind the camera permanently, while others choose to act in their own films. These are some of the most successful films that have been directed by their stars.   5. Clint… Read More