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Hillary Clinton’s response to contributions from fossil fuel industry

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has allegedly been taking contributions from lobbyists associated with the fossil fuel industry. Despite Clinton’s outward disapproval and acknowledgment of climate change, she still takes support from individuals who sell, or have sold, their services to fossil fuel companies. This is deeply hurting the legitimacy of her pro-environmental policies, causing… Read More

Jill Stein working with Bernie Sanders for presidential bid?

Dr. Jill Stein, who is running in the presidential race for the Green Party nomination, has proven to share many beliefs with Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders. Stein strives to get big money out of politics and is for the halt of weapons being sent to the Middle East. She also proposed a “Green New Deal”… Read More

Bernie Sanders takes the lead in national polls

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, has been trailing in every national poll against Democratic political rival, Hillary Clinton, since the beginning of the presidential race. However, a Bloomberg Politics national poll recently discovered that Sanders has jumped ahead of Clinton: 49 percent of support to Clinton’s 38 percent.   Sanders crushed Clinton in all three of… Read More

Bernie Sanders’ low voter turnout due to spring break

Younger demographics are infamous for consistently having less voter turnout in the presidential elections. However, Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, is gaining a tremendous amount of support from younger audiences. He is leading in the Democratic field among millennials, capturing around 84 percent of voters ages 17 to 29. Despite an overwhelming amount of support… Read More

Fox News tries to bash Bernie Sanders, goes horribly wrong

Late last month, Fox News “The Intelligence Report” host Trish Regan spoke with Venezuelan human rights activist and president of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen. The segment in question was clearly angled to be an anti-Bernie Sanders story; unfortunately for Fox, it resulted in a surprise endorsement for Sanders and a slap in the… Read More

The difference between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

2016 Presidential candidate and Democratic front-runner, Hillary Clinton, declares herself as a civil rights activists and a Democratic Progressive. However, facts and finding from her past, and even her present, have proven to show contradicting information. Clinton’s associations with Wall Street, her constant contrasting opinions on civil rights, her neoconservative views, and her history linked… Read More

The Daily Beast: Puppeted to support pro-Clinton media

Popular news platform, The Daily Beast, is constantly releasing articles against Bernie Sanders using the argument of that he is not electable. However, the news company’s anti-Sanders approach is due to a conflict-of-interest with the Clintons.   The Daily Beast has been strongly pushing Democrats to vote Clinton by releasing articles such as, “Dear Bernie… Read More

Super Tuesday results show Clinton, Trump in the lead

Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton showed their dominance in the voting polls after winning for their political parties on Super Tuesday that took place on March 1st.   According to Super Tuesday election results, the Republicans are calling Trump the overwhelming winner in the conservative south; he clearly demonstrated more power over the… Read More