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Jimi Hendrix official biopic approved by late guitarist’s estate

Black and white photo of Jimi Hendrix smiling, wearing a leather jacket.

Many tributes have been made in honor of one of rock’s greatest legends, Jimi Hendrix, but his upcoming biopic will probably top them all.   With the approval of Experience Hendrix, LLC and in partnership with Legendary Pictures, this creation is at the reigns of “Captain Phillips” director Paul Greengrass. He is working off the… Read More

Get On Up And Groove: James Brown Ultimate Influence

Prince famously once announced that, “you can always tell when the groove is working or not.” For musicians, a groove is the lifeline, the blood pressure level that reads average, weak, or skyrocketing to an attack. James Brown was having a heart attack for most, if not all, of his groove-induced coma of a career.… Read More