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#IfIDieinPoliceCustody goes viral following Sandra Bland’s mysterious death

Sandra Bland (left), and footage of her arrest (right)

The internet has become a campfire around which people can gather to share their thoughts, grief, and concerns. #blacklivesmatter came out as a result of the tragic deaths of African Americans like Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Now, it seems that movement has taken its next logical step.   On July 10, Officers in Waller… Read More

Excessive force?: Police shootings increase at an alarming rate

We are halfway through the year 2015, and already the U.S. police have shot and killed almost 400 people this year.   According to statistics collected by the Washington Post, 385 people have been killed by police officers during the first five months of this year. When averaged out, these killings occurred more than twice… Read More

3 things PR professionals can learn from #BlackLivesMatter

People holding up signs at a candle light vigil for Michael Brown

It has been three years since the murder of Trayvon Martin led to the creation of the #BlackLivesMatter movement; today, the movement is still going strong.   After George Zimmerman was acquitted for the murder of Martin, #BlackLivesMatter was tweeted by Patrisse Cullors. The hashtag spread almost immediately on Twitter, starting the online movement. Soon,… Read More