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Blogging for Business: How to Generate Awareness with a Company Blog

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Do I Really Need a Blog? Blogs began as online diaries, the daily chronicles of virtual nobodies. As the popularity of blogs increased, the marketing savvy took notice, and blogs slowly transformed into something more. No longer the daily rantings of the self-involved, blogs have matured into thought provoking and inspiring publications for people looking… Read More

Women Leaders in STEM: Natalie Panek, Rocket Scientist and Adventurer – Part 2

In Part 1 of her interview last week, rocket scientist Natalie Panek talked to us about how she first discovered her interest for space and how her desire to pursue a career in aerospace technology was born out of that interest. She shares how her career led her to start working in robotics and how… Read More

Attending A Marketing Conference? Here Are 5 Marketing Pillars You Should Focus On

It’s no surprise that marketing envelops countless business models today. Why is it, then, that marketing is often the most underestimated and/or neglected department within numerous companies?  When can business leaders safely agree that this status quo has made the change?   The need to develop the right campaigns necessary to achieve success is even… Read More

Blogging: A Branding Tool to Land the Job of Your Dreams

Blogging is a great past time and an excellent form of creative expression. For many, it is a hobby, something they do on the side. For others, blogging is another social media platform. In both cases blogging is a branding tool someone can leverage to improve their writing, increase their exposure and engage with people… Read More