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Can video games improve brain function?

Video games are widely debated in the psychological community for their addictiveness, violence, and tendencies for players to be anti-social. New studies, however, are indicating that certain types of video games actually promote healthy brain growth and can increase both intelligence and brain function.   Dr. Brian Glass and Professor Brad Love, scientists from Queen… Read More

The NFL to tackle brain disease during the 2015-2016 season

Ninety-one former NFL players donated their brains to science, so the world could learn more about the effects of head injuries on athletes; of the 91 athletes, 87 of these players have tested positive for brain disease.   The disease found in these former athletes has been identified as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) by the researchers… Read More

Hot topics in health: Scientists explore how treating uninjured side of the brain can promote stroke recovery

When a PR crisis hits, there is an undeniable value in considering the many ways to approach and rectify the crisis. While there is almost always an obvious option that involves tackling the issue head on, it is important to consider how redirecting attention to related aspects of the issue may be just as influential… Read More

Hot Topics in Health: Ability to Pinpoint Brain’s Memory Production May Prove Promising for Addressing Memory Impairment

The more we learn about the human brain through science, the more questions we seem to have. There is always room to go further in our understanding of human brain function; the brain is the most complex organ in the human body, responsible for producing and processing thoughts, emotions, experiences, and memories. As scientists consistently… Read More

Hot Topics in Health: Brain-to-Brain Interfacing May Be the Future of Communication

It’s not always easy to vocalize your thoughts, but an inability to do so unfortunately means an inability to communicate effectively with others. But what if you could communicate without a single word? What if you could communicate with nothing but your thoughts themselves?   In successfully replicating direct brain-to-brain communication between individuals, it seems… Read More

Science Life Hacks: How Listening Closely with the Correct Ear Can Help You Improve Your Hearing Instantly

Everybody has experienced a situation in which they’ve had to ask someone to repeat what they just said. Perhaps they were speaking too quietly, or perhaps a high level of excess noise drowned out their words. Whatever the reason, it’s natural for our ears to miss some things here and there. What you may not… Read More

Science Life Hacks: How You Can Relieve Stress By Coloring

Coloring is an opportunity to embrace your creativity and free your imagination. At least, that’s the case for children. After reaching a certain age, coloring becomes a thing of the past and the activity hardly finds a place in our adult lives.   According to research, however, it might be time for adults to whip… Read More

The Ultimate Super Spice: Why You Should Be Using More Turmeric in Your Cooking

Used widely in many south Asian dishes, turmeric is a spice that gives food a bitter but warm taste and is known as much for its flavor as for its rich golden color. The true value of the spice goes beyond gastronomy, as the root of the turmeric plant is also widely used for a… Read More

Food for Thought: Foods That Serve As Natural Memory-Boosters

With the number of things we will juggle today, it’s no surprise that our minds can get a bit overwhelmed. Unfortunately, this overload can take a major toll on us in numerous ways, including having a negative impact on various brain functions, such as memory. Luckily, there are several foods that can serve as natural… Read More

Five Ways To Improve Brain Function And Health

Many of us live a fast paced life with little to no time to relax. When we do find time to relax, it might often involve mindlessly social activities like watching television, scrolling through our Facebook news-feed  or even taking a selfie to share on social media.  The lives we lead often put us in a… Read More