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Biggest athlete endorsement deals in history

In today’s world, athletes are paid for more than their abilities on the playing field.   With the popularity of sports growing at amazing rates, companies are looking at athletes as huge moneymakers for their respective business entities. They figure, since the fans and viewers will pay to watch their favorite athletes while they’re performing,… Read More

Ed Sheeran’s pizza creation hits London Domino’s menus

Ed Sheeran graphic from CapitalFM promoting Sheeran's pizza deal with Domino's

Building Lego houses and thinking out loud are only two of Ed Sheeran‘s talents. Other than his skyrocketing music career, Sheeran is also a chef of sorts, emphasis on “of sorts.”   Prior to his back-to-back-to-back performance weekend in London, the teeny bopper artist tweeted to food conglomerate Domino’s Pizza that they should include his… Read More

Pro-snack: Are athletes sending the wrong message to kids?

Athlete and model David Beckham stands in a suit with a Burger King smoothie

Professional athletes are blessed and burdened with celebrity status, which means they also act as role models. That kind of spotlight attracts big corporations who want to use a popular athlete’s name, face, and voice to market products to a bigger audience.   LeBron James, Peyton Manning, and Serena Williams are media superstars in their… Read More

Celebrity Brand Ambassadors: How they Can Help or Hurt Your Brand


Celebrities have been featured in advertising campaigns for decades, but celebrity brand ambassadors are a fairly recent phenomenon. There’s no doubt that the power of a popular celebrity helps brands sell products and reach mass audiences. Brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi, for example, have maximized profits and increased brand awareness with the help… Read More