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Eating your way to wrinkle-free skin: New anti-aging chocolate is redefining skincare

Who wouldn’t want a legitimate excuse to eat more chocolate? That excuse might be just around the corner, thanks to Lycotec, a UK company turning chocolate into edible skincare.   Esthechoc, which is composed of 70 percent dark chocolate and enriched with ingredients like cocoa polyphenols and a potent algae extract, is the first chocolate of its kind,… Read More

Scotch whiskey brand Ballantine’s collaborates with artist INSA to create largest GIF ever

Shock factor is a powerful tool in marketing. After all, being able to go somewhere nobody has gone before is the perfect tactic to raising brand awareness and setting yourself apart from competitors in the global market.   For Scotch whiskey brand Ballantine’s, a recent collaboration with London-based artist INSA has provided the brand with… Read More