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H&M misspells word on shirt, shows why brands should sweat the small stuff

H&M store entry with brand logo

“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” …and apparently so is “genious.”   This is according to H&M, who recently made the awkward mistake of misspelling the word genius on a men’s t-shirt that featured the aforementioned famous words of Thomas Edison.   While online archives show that the shirt was being sold… Read More

You are your brand: Dolce & Gabbana controversy proves personal opinion equals brand image

In the modern digital age, it can take virtually no time for news and comments to travel around the world. This can be a major benefit when it comes to the rapid circulation of information. Unfortunately, it has the potential to lead to the rapid escalation of controversy, as well.   This was the case recently… Read More

Scotch whiskey brand Ballantine’s collaborates with artist INSA to create largest GIF ever

Shock factor is a powerful tool in marketing. After all, being able to go somewhere nobody has gone before is the perfect tactic to raising brand awareness and setting yourself apart from competitors in the global market.   For Scotch whiskey brand Ballantine’s, a recent collaboration with London-based artist INSA has provided the brand with… Read More

Not All Cocoa is Created Equal: How to Sort the Good and Bad Hot Chocolate Brands

It wouldn’t be the holiday season without hot cocoa, but what few people are unaware of is that not all cocoa is created equal. Sure, we can differentiate between different brands of cocoa based on things like flavor, but some of the most important distinguishing factors between different brands are the things we can’t taste.… Read More

DIY Sugar Scrubs to Show Your Skin Some Love This Winter

With demand for organic beauty products on the rise, it’s not surprising that there has been a burgeoning of companies which have built their brands on the concept of natural skincare and beauty.   Because so many all-natural products boast the same commitment to their lack of harsh chemicals and toxins, one of the most… Read More