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Corporate Series Spotlight: Zappos’ Employee-Friendly Culture Fosters Positive Customer Experience

Zappos really does deliver happiness. The shoe and clothing retailer remains customer-centric and treats its employees with the utmost respect. Despite being acquired by Amazon in 2009, the company has been able to keep its corporate culture in tact. Named one of Fortune’s Best 100 Companies To Work For in 2013, the company continues to… Read More

Corporate Series Spotlight: Nordstrom

Each week we strive to share the best entrepreneurial business advice, but we also have found that by examining the most trusted corporations, we learn what makes businesses work the best by its consumers.   With Labor Day and back to school sales gearing up, we’ve decided to focus our collective attention on the retail… Read More

Bye, Bye Brand: “24/7 Wall St.” Predicts Annual List

Here at MUIPR, brand loyalty consumes our daydreams. Our writers seek to understand what makes Americans partial to certain brands and abhor others. We’re not the only ones. “Business Insider” recently briefed this writer on brand predictions for ten companies where the odds aren’t looking pretty. The publication shed some light on “24/7 Wall Street’s”… Read More