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If Not a Crime, It Should Be: NRA Uses Gif of Leslie Knope, Much to Amy Poehler’s Dismay

an image of the cast of parks and recreation featuring Leslie Knope

During a town hall meeting last week hosted by CNN anchor Jake Tapper which featured Florida Senator Marco Rubio and NRA Spokeswoman Dana Loesch, survivors and family members of victims of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting discussed impacts of weapons that the NRA so proudly flaunts.   The town hall was tense and deeply… Read More

Comcast may gain back ‘Worst Company’ title with new data caps

Comcast sign

Comcast has come under fire for their plan to implement a 300GB data cap on their customers’ accounts across Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Virginia. Starting Dec. 1, customers will be automatically charged if they go over their monthly limit.   “While we believe that 300GB is more than enough to meet your internet usage needs, if… Read More

McDonald’s facing negative PR and plummeting profits

McDonald's restaurant

McDonald’s has been facing public scrutiny this year after the animal rights group, Mercy for Animals, released an undercover video of farmers at T&S Farm abusing their chickens during the slaughtering process. T&S Farm is the chicken supplier for McDonald’s, so this has stirred up a PR disaster for the fast food chain.   How is… Read More

The top 3 things PR pros can learn from Subway

Subway restaurant

In July, Subway spokesman Jared Fogle was under investigation by the FBI for the possession of child pornography, and Subway has been dealing with a massive public relations disaster ever since.   Fogle has appeared in Subway commercials for 15 years, and he became the face of the company. After he plead guilty to having sex… Read More

Hillary Clinton could face PR problem over criminal investigation

With the 2016 Democratic primaries getting closer, now is not the time for Hillary Clinton to have a public relations disaster, but she may be facing one nonetheless.   Last Thursday, The New York Times reported that two inspectors general put in a request to the U.S. Department of Justice to open a criminal investigation over… Read More

Chrysler’s software flaw causes PR disaster

Interior of Chrysler vehicle

As technology grows, hacking becomes an increasingly bigger problem, and computers and phones are not the only targets — so are some Chrysler vehicles.   Last Tuesday, the automobile manufacturer Chrysler noticed a vulnerability in many of their 2013, 2014, and 2015 vehicles that are equipped with an 8.4 inch touchscreen. This vulnerability makes it possible… Read More

The importance of context: Apple removes U.S. Civil War games

Display photo reading "Civil War 1863"

Recently, companies have made a public relations move to drop their products that represent the Confederate flag in response to the Charleston shooting earlier this month, even if the merchandise isn’t siding with the Confederacy.   On Thursday, Apple discontinued games from their app store that depicted the Confederate flag. Many of the games that… Read More

Lilly Pulitzer’s fat-shaming crisis highlights role of individual employees in brand imaging

Picture of a food table at Lilly Pulitzer headquarters.

Women’s clothing line Lilly Pulitzer found itself in a sticky situation after being the subject of an article published in New York Magazine. The article’s original intent was to give readers a look into the fashion line’s headquarters, but instead was criticized for a harsh display of fat-shaming.     The article is a slideshow… Read More