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Pharmaceutical company embroiled in Enron-sized scandal

Valeant building

Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc. is in full-on crisis mode amidst accusations of fraudulent accounting practices. Citron Research, a provider of short-focused market commentary, has reported that the Canadian pharmaceutical company is storing excess inventory in subsidiaries and then reporting that inventory as sales revenue. These types of unethical accounting practices are very similar to those… Read More

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey boosts employee morale after big layoffs

Twitter's Twitter page

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, announced that he will be giving a third of his company stock to the employee equity pool. The shares are valued at around $200 million and make up about 1 percent of the company.   Dorsey tweeted that he made this decision because he wants to “reinvest directly in our people.”… Read More

McDonald’s facing negative PR and plummeting profits

McDonald's restaurant

McDonald’s has been facing public scrutiny this year after the animal rights group, Mercy for Animals, released an undercover video of farmers at T&S Farm abusing their chickens during the slaughtering process. T&S Farm is the chicken supplier for McDonald’s, so this has stirred up a PR disaster for the fast food chain.   How is… Read More

Branding nations: Using PR to boost tourism, evolve cultural image

The domain of public relations is not limited to corporate and commercial spheres. In recent years, the popularity of nation branding has exploded — that is, the application of public relations strategies to entire nations.   Governments have been working with public relations firms in the last decade to analyze and rework their brand as… Read More

May the 4th be with you: 9 brands that geeked out on Star Wars day

Brands geek out for Star Wars Day. May the 4th Be With You

Brand PR teams around the United States discovered Monday just how important pop culture is to their marketing communications. Earlier this week, on Monday, May 4 to be exact, mobile and social audiences around the globe took to twitter, facebook, instagram and pinterest, to share status updates with the phrase “May the 4th be with… Read More

Everything you need to know about Protein World’s controversial “Are You Beach Body Ready” campaign

A Protein World advert displayed in an underground station in London which says Are you beach body ready?" has a petition calling for its removal; the petition has gathered tens of thousands of signatures

Once in a while, our PR team comes across an ad campaign littered with flubs that make us wonder whether the team behind the advert checked in with their PR and/or legal team before they developed the campaign. Such is the case with Protein World, a London-based weight loss supplements company that deployed a print… Read More

5 of the most offensive and stupidest PR fails of 2015 so far

Reputation Management: Biggest PR fails of 2015 so far.

Its been a busy quarter one for major Public Relations blunders. Nowadays, it appears not a day goes by without a certain brand or individual making some unfortunate and sometimes unforgivable mistake on a broadcast network or on social media. As a followup to our listicle of the biggest PR disasters of 2014, let us relive… Read More

KFC UK Moves to Rebrand With Emotional Advertising 

After 10 years of steady growth, KFC UK experienced sales slumps in 2013. Since then, the fast food giant is looking to rebrand its image by connecting to its consumers through the use of emotional appeals in their new campaigns. The campaigns will also incorporate digital strategies. KFC believes that it needs to rebrand in order… Read More