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Clorox Apologizes For “Where’s The Bleach” Tweet

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Social Media presents brands with opportunities to reach their audiences directly. It also offers a great platform for brands to generate awareness and engage with and get feedback from consumers. Brands have overtaken social media, and they’re all competing for consumers‘ attention. Last week, Clorox got noticed, but for the wrong reasons.   The brand came under fire… Read More

FDA issues warning letter to KIND, LLC., questions health value and branding of snack bars

KIND, LLC. recently became the target of some not-so-kind attention after the FDA issued a warning letter to the popular snack bar company regarding health claims made on its product packaging.   According to the FDA, the use of the word “healthy” on several flavors of KIND bars is inaccurate due to these bars’ failure… Read More

Beech-Nut builds positive brand image through crisis communications following recall

For food companies and manufacturers, a recall can spell disaster as questionable product quality begins to stain brand image and negatively influence the trust of consumers.   Many food companies have proven that with the proper crisis management and approach to communications, a problematic situation can be transformed into an opportunity to exhibit positive values,… Read More

Is Corporate Social Responsibility the New Advertising?

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Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of social issues, and they’re making purchasing decisions based on a company’s philanthrophic activities. While corporate social responsibility has long been ignored, our collective social conscious, heightened by the tumultuous times in which we live, has caused brands to take notice.   Social advertising focuses on raising awareness and promoting social issues rather than on… Read More

Indiana Moves to Rebuild Image – Hires PR firm


In the wake of national criticism from major organizations and residents of Indiana, Governor Pence’s attempts to pacify the media and nation about the now infamous Religious Freedom Restoration Act has backfired. First, he tried to defend why he passed the controversial law. In an Interview with George Stephanopolous of ABC’s This Week, Governor Pence… Read More

Facebook’s new app keeps site relevant, presents innovative take on social video-sharing

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In an increasingly digital world where the internet is a hub for interaction and social connections, social media has become a staple in our everyday lives. The ever-changing social media scene has simultaneously proven how easy it is for social media sites and platforms to fade into the folds of the web when they fail… Read More

One beautiful campaign: Dove’s #OneBeautifulThought ad campaign makes powerful statement on self-bullying realities

Society talks a lot about the dangers of bullying in its many forms, but there is one kind of bullying that rarely gets the same level of attention as others: self-bullying. While we discuss the negative effects of talking down to and ridiculing others, we have built a focus around bullying that is so heavily concentrated on how… Read More