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Brazil’s political explosion reaches boiling point

With the abundance of occurring conflicts and events surrounding the people of the United States, it is difficult to acknowledge current conflicts at a global scale. The rest of the world continues to experience their own battles. In Brazil, they’re struggling to fight the corruption and destruction of their present government.     Brazil is… Read More

Brazil bans corporate donations for political campaigns

Supreme Court of Brazil

Brazil’s Supreme Court ruled in an 8-3 decision on Thursday that corporate contributions can no longer be given to fund political campaigns or parties.   Before the court’s ruling, corporate contributions made up over 90 percent of the funding during Brazil’s recent presidential elections. The case has spent the last two years in court after it… Read More

Government scandal and stagnant economy push Brazil towards recession

Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil

Brazil’s credit rating has been downgraded to junk status by the credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s. South America’s largest economy has been rocked in recent months by corruption scandals, inflation, a depreciating currency, and rising national debt.   Not that long ago, Brazil was a darling of the investment world. It was touted as… Read More

Rio’s polluted water puts Olympic athletes’ health at risk

Athletes competing in swimming and boating competitions in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro are facing new challenges now that they will be contending in polluted waters.   According to an Associated Press investigation, the water at Rio’s Olympic sites are contaminated with human feces. A water quality analysis showed that there are dangerously… Read More

Putting a Cap on the Cup: The End of My World Cup Journey

I had no idea that my World Cup journey, which began by cheering alongside the Argentines at my favorite futbol hideaway in NYC (which features a literal shrine to Maradona) on the first Sunday of the tournament, would end with me marching alongside those same fans into Maracana, the most sacred of all futbol ground,… Read More

Weekly News Update

Your correspondent is relaxing this week in the sunny, god-awfully humid city of Palm Bay, Fla., yet he still found time to round up a few choice picks for MUI PR Blog’s Weekly News Roundup because he’s just that awesome. When you find yourself conversing knowledgably on this week’s trending topics, you are free to… Read More

The Spirit and Impact of the World Cup: National and Global Pride

Those of you who witnessed what went down at the World Cup between Germany and Brazil on Tuesday know that this is no regular occurrence; it is essentially unheard of for any team in the game of soccer to score more than the average two or three goals — needless to say, seven goals is nearly… Read More

The Horror Behind The Score: Sexual Slavery in Brazil

The world cup is well under way and thousands of sports fans around the world enjoy a sense camaraderie and playful competition as they cheer for their country. There is a dark side of popular sporting events, however, that is deeply troubling, and sparsely reported. The business of sexually slavery and child exploitation is a… Read More