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Rihanna: The World Cup’s Unexpected Sports Commentator

The World Cup is well under way, and everyone on Earth seems to be glued to their television sets, eagerly watching the action. From young to old, celebrities to sports fans, everyone’s focus is on Brazil this month. However, no one seems to be more vocal than internationally known singer and fashion superstar, Rihanna. The singer’s Twitter… Read More

What We’ve Seen, Heard & Learned From World Cup Opening Week: All Hail Los Ticos, La Tri, Uncle Sam’s Army & The Flying Dutchman

Things can turn quickly at the World Cup. Just ask American striker Clint Dempsey, whose deft goal just 34 seconds into the Americans’ critical match with Ghana turned the Group of Death on its head. The US scored early and late as it exorcised its Black Star demons in dramatic fashion on Monday night.  … Read More

2014 World Cup: Top 5 Game Changers & Standout Players To Watch

You are watching a World Cup game with friends, and you get edged out as your more soccer-savy friends take over the conversation, and there you are, left watching in silence, eating potato chips by the bag, wanting to put your two cents in, only to get shut down. Sound familiar? Well, we can help!   Here are… Read More

World Cup Style: What Are Players And Fans Wearing On And Off The Field In Brazil

The World Cup is well under way, and along with the players in the cup come thousands of loyal fans. However, what are World Cup players and fans wearing in and out of the field? We did a little research and here is what we found.   First and foremost: the jerseys. No stadium is… Read More

A Guide to Becoming a Football Guru, Just in Time for the World Cup

The World Cup kicks off tomorrow.   If you are anything like most of your fellow Americans, your knowledge of the great sport of football is most likely confined to the fact that Wayne Rooney kinda resembles Shrek, David Beckham is much better-looking than you and if you ever walk into an English pub and holler “Manchester… Read More

The Eyes of the World: Group By Group Predictions, Brazil Here We Come

In the words of Tiger Woods circa 1996, “Hello, World!” Indeed, we are on the precipice of the greatest global spectacle in sports, and 32 countries are gleaming in the optimistic “this could finally be our year” glow. Actually, make that 31 countries, since Team USA coach Jurgen Klinsmann has already declared that Uncle Sam’s… Read More

Brazilian Graffiti Artists Speaks Out Against Government Priorities

With the World Cup less than two weeks away, tensions rise as street artists have taken to the streets to voice their anger over the government’s priorities.   Instead of using the $1.1 million USD on things the country sorely needs — like food, housing, education, maintenance — the government used that money to help set… Read More

Bringing Language Alive: Brazilian Students Learn English Through Elderly Americans

The concept is simple: if you want to become fluent in a language, but cannot travel to a country to interact with native speakers, what options are at your disposal?   Learning from textbooks and computers is not always enough. Vanessa Valença, a pedagogical coordinator, asked similar questions, “How can we make it more real?… Read More