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New Marvel Films Finally Add Diversity to Collection with Black and Female Leads

Tuesday was an exciting day for Marvel fans in Los Angeles; at a secret event, Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, shared the titles and dates of upcoming movies to be released on movie box app through 2019. Check out the impressive list for yourself below:   “Captain America: Civil War” (May 6, 2016) “Doctor… Read More

Weekly News Roundup: A Bad Week in Aviation, Botched Arizona Execution, Makeup to Fool Big Brother

It is a Friday, and time again to round up the hottest stories of the week. True, the world may seem a tad bleak on occasion, what with violence raging in Gaza and airplanes beginning to crash with alarming regularity. Yes, the uncomfortable realities of this tragic, glorious, improbable planet we live on may not… Read More

#AllMenCan, How Support Solves Problems

After the Santa Barbara, Calif. shooting, there was a social media outcry in the #YesAllWomen movement — a movement that drew attention to misogyny in the United States and the effect of patriarchy on women. As mentioned in the previous #YesAllWomen article on MUIPR, the movement has created global awareness and shed light on women’s… Read More

The Lost Sports Weekend: Donald Sterling Takes Everyone Down a Dark Path

Updated Tuesday, Apr. 29 at 2:55 p.m: NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has banned Donald Sterling from all league activities for life, and has levied a $2.5million fine — the maximum allowable amount — against him.  Sterling’s ownership of the clippers is subject to a three-quarters vote from the other 29 league owners.    It was… Read More

Lost Malaysian Plane Sparks Concern for All

Boeing 777. Thinkstock img.

Malaysia Airlines flight 370’s disappearance has left much of the world asking questions about the legitimacy of the Malaysian government as well as, for many Americans at least, the safety and security of airplanes today.   Information released from investigators has created some conspiracy theories concerning the fate of the passengers on the plane. One prominent… Read More

A Timeline of the Crisis in Crimea and Ukraine

With a 24-hour news cycle, it is often the case that news from weeks in the past is easily forgotten. When there is an ongoing crisis, it is important to remember the underlying problems and causes that led us to where we are today. Below is a timeline of important events that occurred leading up… Read More

Putin’s Words and Thoughts on Crimea

“Today based on the Crimean referendum, and the will of the people, I introduce to the federal assembly of Russia, and ask them to examine, a bill about admitting two new regions into Russia: Crimea, and the city of Sevastopol. Don’t believe those who intimidate you with Russia, [who] shout that other areas will follow… Read More

Crimea’s Secession Vote Escalates US-Russia Disputes

On Thursday, March 6, the Crimean Parliament voted unanimously to secede from Ukraine. This vote will lead to a referendum, in which the citizens of Crimea will be able to voice their opinion as to which nation Crimea should be a part of.   However, this issue will not be solely decided by the citizens… Read More

Progress, Not Perfection: US-Russian Peace Talks Regarding Ukraine

As Wednesday comes to an end, we have learned that the meeting with Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, did not led to a resolution regarding Crimea. However, “things have moved in a good direction,” according to Laurent Fabius, the French foreign minister. Kerry and Lavrov are expected to continue… Read More