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Make No Mistake: Brian Williams and the Public’s Intolerance for Mistakes

Brian Williams picture

The Brian Williams “misremembering” scandal is yet another example of the public’s penchant for taking down public figures. In an era when the speed of the news moves faster than the actual news, it’s no longer a surprise to watch careers go down in flames on live TV. What’s surprising is the enjoyment the public… Read More

An affair to (mis)remember: Poor crisis communication has made Brian Williams scandal worse

NBC news anchor Brian Williams has been under severe public scrutiny amid scandal involving his wavering credibility after reports stating that claims he made while reporting in Iraq are, in fact, false.   For years, Williams has been telling the story of an incident in 2003 during which he was flying in a helicopter that was forced… Read More

Edward Snowden Opens Up to NBC

“Is Edward Snowden a #Traitor or a # Patriot?”   The question is remarkable mainly for its permanence. Nearly a year after Snowden leaked classified NSA documents to journalists regarding a multitude of top-secret surveillance programs before taking spectacular flight for foreign pastures, there remains a startling lack of consensus on his legacy.   Brian… Read More