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Classic Movie Monday: “Bridesmaids” is Already There

“12 Angry Men,” “The Godfather,” “Citizen Kane,” “A Streetcar Named Desire”… These movies from the Golden Age are all films that critics and film buffs would consider American classics. Purists in the film business pine for a more refined time; the class, the drama, the pinnacle of cinema. There is some truth to this. When… Read More

Rom-Coms Both You and Your Boyfriend Can Enjoy

couple watching tv. thinkstock img

Sitting down to watch a movie with your boyfriend can cause a conflict of interests; you want a romantic comedy, and he believes them all to be “chick flicks.” Many rom-coms will not be interesting to him, but here are some rom-com ideas that both you and he can enjoy.   1. “The Proposal” “The Proposal,” starring… Read More

The Modern Vintage Bride at Ruche

With the new season comes new wedding fashion trends for Spring.   Not only trendy but also universally flattering is the modern vintage trend for weddings. With the evolution of this modern take to the vintage look, it is sometimes hard to identify the best brands for the ultimate vintage chic bride.   Moreover, if you… Read More