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Bud Light label promises to turn ‘no’ into ‘yes,’ draws backlash… again

A line of Bud Light beer bottles on a bar top

Bud Light’s #UpforWhatever campaign is up for debate once again after a bottle label promising to remove “no” from the drinker’s vocabulary for the night sparked backlash against the brand.   With a message that is nearly impossible to detach from implications of sexual consent, the public responded in outrage with claims that the tagline… Read More

‘Sorry’ is the hardest word: Bud Light apology for St. Patrick’s Day tweet follows trend of redirecting blame

Last week’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities — and the less than glamorous morning after — have come and gone, but Bud Light’s reputation still hasn’t fully recovered in the aftermath of an imprudent St. Paddy’s Day tweet that led to backlash against the brand.   Bud Light’s slogan, “Up For Whatever,” is one that the… Read More