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“Unfriended” and the real horror of cyberbullying

WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERS FOR “UNFRIENDED” BELOW Not since the slasher established rules regarding high school promiscuity has a horror movie carried such a heavy-handed moral message. Blending elements of “Paranormal Activity,” “Friday the 13th,” and “The Blair Witch Project,” “Unfriended” effectively portrays a group of teens punished for their lackadaisical attitude towards social media and… Read More

One beautiful campaign: Dove’s #OneBeautifulThought ad campaign makes powerful statement on self-bullying realities

Society talks a lot about the dangers of bullying in its many forms, but there is one kind of bullying that rarely gets the same level of attention as others: self-bullying. While we discuss the negative effects of talking down to and ridiculing others, we have built a focus around bullying that is so heavily concentrated on how… Read More