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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey boosts employee morale after big layoffs

Twitter's Twitter page

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, announced that he will be giving a third of his company stock to the employee equity pool. The shares are valued at around $200 million and make up about 1 percent of the company.   Dorsey tweeted that he made this decision because he wants to “reinvest directly in our people.”… Read More

Blue Christmas: Will retailers have a cheerful holiday season?

holiday shopping

The holiday season is the most lucrative time of the year for the retail industry, but sales growth is predicted to falter in 2015. Many sources, including the National Retail Federation, analytics firm RetailNext, market research firm NPD, and consulting firm AlixPartners, believe year over year holiday sales growth will shrink in comparison to 2014.… Read More

Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement finally reached: Should the U.S. be in or out?

After over 10 years of negotiations spanning changes in leaders and administrations across multiple countries, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was agreed upon in Atlanta, Georgia earlier this month. The partnership encompasses 12 countries, which account for nearly 40 percent of world trade and have a combined population of approximately 800 million people.   The member… Read More

How one family lost $11 billion in a single day

Wal-Mart store

The Waltons, America’s richest family whose combined wealth is approximately $149 billion, saw their personal fortune decline by approximately $11 billion as Wal-Mart shares plummeted last week. The Walton family fortune is controlled by founder Sam Walton’s three surviving children and his deceased son’s widow. Together, they own over 50 percent of all outstanding Wal-Mart… Read More

Gambling and racketeering: The latest problems for daily fantasy sports

Nevada’s Gaming Control Board decided on Thursday that those running daily fantasy sports contests within the state now need a gambling licence to operate, or they must shut down these events.       Daily fantasy sports contests have been heavily debated recently, some saying it’s gambling while others believe it’s a game of skill. The fantasy… Read More

FCC to fight high cost of inmate phone call services

Man sits at a prison pay phone

FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn has recently spoken out against the high price many U.S. citizens are paying just to stay in contact with their incarcerated family members.   According to Clyburn, a family could spend an average of $500 a month for their phone calls with someone in prison. With the prison telephone rates set around… Read More

5-hour Energy creator using his fortune to help the world

Manoj Bhargava, creator of 5 hour energy

The creator of 5-hour Energy, Manoj Bhargava, has decided to make the philanthropic move to give 99 percent of his $4 billion fortune away to fix problems that are affecting people across the globe. Bhargava is currently attempting to end the energy crisis with the creation of a stationary bike that can power a person’s… Read More

Cyber attacks hurting U.S. businesses more than ever

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The Hewlett-Packard software company and the Ponemon Institute of Cyber Crime released a report on Tuesday that shows cyberattacks are now costing the average U.S. business over $15 million a year.   In 2014, cyber crime was costing U.S. companies $12.7 million, which means it increased 19 percent only one year later. Businesses located in the United… Read More