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5 things you may not know about Africa

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Last year’s Ebola outbreak provided media outlets an opportunity to report on Africa in a fair and considerate way. Unfortunately, the media did not seize this opportunity and instead distorted Africa’s image.   To work against such misunderstandings requires taking small steps. The list below entails some facts about five African countries, which are included in… Read More

Technology scramble in Africa attracts big tech names IBM, Samsung

Over the past few months, Africa has become a hot spot for investors. Africa’s recent economic growth and its size in both land area and population have led investors to see untapped potential in the continent.   The most rapidly growing sector thus far has been technology. Market research company Frost & Sullivan claim that… Read More

Develop an internal communications plan to engage remote teams

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Technology has made it possible, and sometimes necessary, to hire remote team members. Even though more companies are embracing virtual offices, the fact remains that it’s difficult to maintain an effective line of communication with remote team members. It’s even more difficult to engage them.   Communications Problems with Remote Teams Companies with virtual teams… Read More

Blogging for Business: How to Generate Awareness with a Company Blog

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Do I Really Need a Blog? Blogs began as online diaries, the daily chronicles of virtual nobodies. As the popularity of blogs increased, the marketing savvy took notice, and blogs slowly transformed into something more. No longer the daily rantings of the self-involved, blogs have matured into thought provoking and inspiring publications for people looking… Read More

How Your Small Business Can Benefit From Public Relations

Small businesses don’t have the budgets of major corporations, leading many small business owners to forgo public relations activities altogether. Although public relations is multifaceted and modern public relations campaigns are becoming more innovative and complex, there are some simple techniques small business owners can use to generate awareness about their businesses.   Establishing an Online Presence… Read More