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Don’t believe what you hear: “Chocolate makes you thin,” and other fake reports

The internet has its advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, it gives everyone in the world a voice to be heard; on the other hand, it gives everyone in the world a voice to be heard.   Sifting through the facts, theories, and outright lies can prove troublesome, which is exactly why scientific journalist John… Read More

BuzzFeed’s “Basics” Push All the Right Buttons

Instagramming one’s self sipping on a Pumpkin Spice Latte while wearing Ugg boots on a hay ride — an unsuspecting victim may believe she’s diving right into all of fall’s glory. What this flannel clad beauty doesn’t realize is how much her basic-ness translates to Internet fodder.   If you type “basic bitch” into a… Read More

Weekly Dose of Science

Welcome to your weekly dose of science! Your correspondent is covering a lot of ground in this installment, and pushing seven hundred words on science-related topics could be construed as flirting with overkill. So, jump in!   1. Got Drought? Drink Sewage. Seriously. As disgusting as it sounds on the surface, recycled sewage water – known… Read More