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Nestle and U.S. Forest Service’s PR problem over water permit

San Bernadino mountains

Multiple environmental groups filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Forest Service on Tuesday for letting Nestle siphon water from the San Bernardino National Forest for the past 27 years with an expired permit.      The plaintiffs in this case believe that draining the water for all these years has been potentially damaging to the forest’s… Read More

The Santa Barbara oil spill: Just how bad is it?

Two boys struggle against oil slicked shores to reach a duck covered in crude oil

Many Californians feel an immense kinship with the Pacific Ocean. From agriculture, to summer recreation, to providing desalinated water in an attempt alleviate the drought, California’s connection and dependence on the ocean is undeniable. For this reason, we must take threats to the Pacific — such as the recent oil spill in Santa Barbara — seriously.… Read More

Served With a Side of Appreciation: Café Gratitude Creates Unique Dining Experience

Far more than another organic and vegan eatery, California-based Café Gratitude is all about adding a healthy dose of affirmation to its customers’ days right alongside their meals.   The idea behind Café Gratitude is simple: it is a restaurant where people in the community can come together for great, healthy food while celebrating all… Read More

The Vote for Health: Is Berkeley’s New Soda Tax the First Step to Combating Obesity in America?

Voters in Berkeley made history last week when they voted to pass the nation’s first soda tax, which will add a 1¢ tax per ounce on sugar-sweetened drinks, like soda and juice, beginning in January.   The measure passed with an overwhelming 75 percent vote, which is particularly impressive considering the consistent failure of similar… Read More

California Takes a Drastic Step in the Right Direction, Bans Plastic Bags

No one can deny the convenience and efficacy of plastic bags at the supermarket. These small white bags get handed out by the hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions across the nation every day. It may seem harmless when you check out at the grocery counter and slip your purchases in these bags; you save… Read More

Young Fashion Entrepreneurs: Bikini Designers

Imagine making a living by surfing, traveling the world, and creating beautiful bikini designs. This dream has become a reality for a few hardworking entrepreneurs who have made their passion for beachwear a career.   Ani Breslin, Founder of ANI Bikinis Raised in Southern California and Hawaii, Ani Breslin spent much of her life in… Read More

Why is Hollywood Losing Its Film Prestige?

  Since the early days of film in America, Hollywood has been the central hub of the industry. Nearly all of the major studios are based there, and productions are often done on sound stages in California.   Lately, though, many filmmakers and studios are choosing to make their pictures elsewhere, bringing with them jobs… Read More