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Texas Capital to Initiate Class Program for Low Level Marijuana Possession


An issue that’s become part of national political discourse recently is cannabis legalization. Ever since California allowed medical marijuana in 1996 and Colorado lead the recreational movement by becoming the first state to legalize recreational cannabis during the aftermath of the 2012 election, other states have followed suit, in either medical or fully recreational capacities.… Read More

Cannabusiness: Marijuana becomes a national force

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Although not yet ubiquitous, marijuana  continues to expand state to state. At this point, four states — Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska — have openly legalized full recreational use, while 23 other states make allowances for medicinal use in some form or another.   Legalization of marijuana to the general public in states such as… Read More

Let them eat pot: Canada legalizes all forms of medical marijuana

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On Thursday, the Supreme Court of Canada officially ruled that patients who were prescribed medical marijuana can legally use the drug in all of its forms.   Before the ruling, patients were only able to smoke dried marijuana, which can be problematic with some illnesses, such as lung cancer. Patients now have more options to… Read More

U.K. Government Report Suggests Drug Laws Don’t Work

Last week, the Home Office in the U.K. published a report that compared international drug laws. The report was especially significant because it marks the first official statement since 1971 that acknowledges the lack of a connection between tough drug laws and effectiveness in addressing the issue. Originally suppressed by Conservatives, the report has sparked… Read More