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How You Can Avoid Major Student Loan Repayment Traps

The Higher Education Act (HEA) was signed into law on November 8, 1965 under the administration of Lyndon B. Johnson. The HEA made it possible for students to further their education by receiving scholarships, low-interest loans, and by attending post-secondary institutions that received government funding.   Over the years, the act has undergone many changes… Read More

Millionaire gamers: The dollars and sense of a career in e-sports

professional video game tournament event

The International 2015 “Dota 2” tournament shocked casual and professional gamers alike with its $18 million prize pool that made millionaires out of the top six placing teams. This is just one of the events that’s making it possible for skilled gamers to make a career out of e-sports, which is exactly what many of… Read More

Look the part: The cognitive impact of dressing well

White long sleeved button-down collared shirt with black skinny tie

In the immortal words of “How I Met Your Mother” character Barney Stinson, “nothing suits me like a suit.” No longer just a fashion statement, psychologists have recently discovered that dressing formally can positively impact a man’s style of thinking.   During recent studies conducted at California State University – Northridge, researchers noticed a distinction… Read More

Interview etiquette: Invasive questions you don’t have to answer

In the r/AskReddit subreddit, commenters responded to the following question: What is the most inappropriate question you’ve been asked at a job interview?   In ideal scenarios, the questions that a potential employer asks an interviewee reflects the character and moral fiber of both the employer and the company they are representing.   Women are sometimes asked… Read More

Tips to boost your willpower and ensure long-term success

In PR, as in any professional industry, it is crucial to consider how actions will play out even before they are taken. While personal decisions should also be made with the same conscientiousness, emotion, rather than logic, often plays a stronger role in many of these choices. Our willpower is not always strong enough to keep us on… Read More

Blogging: A Branding Tool to Land the Job of Your Dreams

Blogging is a great past time and an excellent form of creative expression. For many, it is a hobby, something they do on the side. For others, blogging is another social media platform. In both cases blogging is a branding tool someone can leverage to improve their writing, increase their exposure and engage with people… Read More

The Research Speaks for Itself: The Benefits of Female Leadership

In recent times, a new kind of leader is emerging and making headlines. One who is selfless, helpful and puts the concern of others before themselves. The characteristics that are valued in a leader are changing, and it seems that women are better able to embody those traits than men.   According to the Huffington… Read More

Corporate Life Doesn’t Always Equal Happy Life

With students graduating, entering the workforce, and finding themselves stuck somewhere lost in the job hunt black hole, job seekers ignite more discussion with each other than ever before. Since alternative career options have become a staple with the rise in entrepreneurial ventures, not as much guarantee is invested in the traditional corporate world. With… Read More