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3 PR lessons we can learn from “The Briefcase”

In May, CBS aired the first episode of their new television show, “The Briefcase,” and controversy has surrounded the show since.   “The Briefcase,” created by Dave Boome, is a reality show that films two families with financial troubles. Each family is offered $101,000 and given the option to keep the money, split the money with another… Read More

6 shows to gear you up for the summer TV lineup

Television screen on a beach with an island background.

There’s no denying it; the realm of television is entering a new golden era. New distribution formats, such as Netflix, provides fresh outlets to original and re-booted classic content. On top of that, better access to cheaper visual effects have allowed TV networks to create more epic and grandiose programming than ever before — see:… Read More

“Late Show with David Letterman” pulls 13.7 million viewers

David Letterman’s announcement of his leaving may have taken the world by surprise and also proved to be a great method in increasing the show’s ratings. Throughout the entire season, numbers have skyrocketed in comparison to previous seasons. Letterman’s last night after 33 years of hosting was on Wednesday, and he had nothing but widespread support.… Read More

Fall is Good for TV: Five Shows to Keep Watch for

With the Emmy’s concluding last week, it’s now that time of year to look forward to fall’s newest shows. There are over a dozen series premiering across various networks, and our team at MUIPR decided to crown the top choices to keep watch for.   From what we can tell, there’s bound to be tons… Read More

Who Should Comedy Central Tap To Replace Colbert?

News of Stephen Colbert replacing David Letterman on the “Late Show” has swept through the world of television like wild fire. For CBS, this is a wonderful development, as they are gaining one of the most talented individuals currently working in the medium; however, now that Colbert is going to CBS, Comedy Central is left… Read More