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Say, “Hello,” to the Class of 2032: Katniss, Khaleesi, Elsa, and More Names Inspired by Hollywood

Entertainment culture influences our lives much more than we may already realize. With its influence on baby names, should it be necessary to draw the line on celebrity hero worship? Can a love for movies and tabloid perusing become harmful, especially when we begin subjecting our unborn children to celeb fanfare? How far is too… Read More

Yoga Community Denounces Celebrity “Selfie”

There is no doubt that selfies have consumed our nation, communally and psychologically. Self-indulgent narcissism now surrounds the popular buzzword, and despite the actual implications of the social fixture, yoga communities worldwide have traded in their content, blissful serenity for backlash against Instagram-posing celebrities.   It’s true that the notion of yoga celebrity is currently… Read More