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Biggest athlete endorsement deals in history

In today’s world, athletes are paid for more than their abilities on the playing field.   With the popularity of sports growing at amazing rates, companies are looking at athletes as huge moneymakers for their respective business entities. They figure, since the fans and viewers will pay to watch their favorite athletes while they’re performing,… Read More

Ralph’s and Ryan’s tricky breakup: The reality of dropping a disgraced partner

There has been no shortage of coverage of Ryan Lochte and his antics in Rio. The decorated swimmer’s inebriated and irresponsible behavior cost Brazil valuable law enforcement resources and embarrassed the United States. Though Lochte apologized in an interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer, as well as in a statement posted to Twitter, the damage was… Read More

Demi Lovato stamps out the stigma against mental illness sufferers

Demi Lovato in front of a KIIS FM background.

Demi Lovato is not one to shy away from discussing her struggles with bulimia, self-harm, and alcohol abuse, all of which she now recognizes as unhealthy coping mechanisms for her undiagnosed bipolar disorder.   Now, the singer is teaming up with the National Alliance on Mental Illness and other related advocacy groups to stomp out… Read More