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A Presidential Playlist: Former First Lady Michelle Obama Makes Spotify Playlist for President Obama

an image of Barack and Michelle Obama Smiling

Even with the advent of social media, streaming media such as music and video and creating snapchat videos, I am happy to see one tradition has not faltered.   In the old days, when someone was extra special, people would usually perform a chivalrous act of creating a playlist on a CD. Whether it was… Read More

A Charitable Video: Drake Hands Out $1 Million in “God’s Plan” Video

An image of Drake in new New 'God's Plan' Video where he gives away $1 Million

Among mainstream rappers in pop culture — each with their own likeable and marketable qualities —  few demonstrate the image of friendliness, humor and charitableness quite like the Six’s own Drake. From his humble beginnings on the Canadian teen drama “Degrassi: The Next Generation”, the Toronto rapper’s public persona has extended beyond solely his music.… Read More

Oprah for President: Legendary Talk Show Host May Run for Commander-in-Chief

oprah for president

Many years ago, the very possibility of an American daytime television personality, reality television star or movie star becoming any sort of elected official was asinine and almost unheard of. A celebrity holding any public office seemed more like the plot of a movie than a reality that some Americans would have to live in.… Read More

“Get Out” Meets “Twilight Zone”: Jordan Peele to Host Reboot of Classic Series

Jordan Peele to host and executive produce 'Twilight Zone' reboot

Among the many classic television shows of the 1950’s- early 1960’s, few could combine the complex elements of psychological horror, fantasy suspense and intriguing mystery so masterfully as the father of all anthology shows, “The Twilight Zone.” Hosted by visionary screenwriter and playwright Rod Serling, every episode focused so brilliantly on a wide variety of… Read More

Gordon Ramsay Steak: Acclaimed Chef Opens Restaurant in Baltimore Casino

Few chefs have dominated the restaurant/culinary industry quite like Scottish/British 16 Michelin-star earning Gordon Ramsay. To have a single Michelin star is quite an accomplishment that a chef must go above and beyond simply showing up to work to receive. It’s an entirely rigorous process and it’s insane to complete that process on 16 different… Read More